Connect your Mhouse remote to pre-existing 24V automation systems like garage doors, garden lights or watering systems.

Colour-coded terminals

Easy install

The R2 receiver, used in combination with the GTX4 transmitters, is suitable for the remote control of electrical equipment such as gate control units and similar automations; The receiver has two outputs with normally open (NO) relay contact. When the transmitter sends a signal that is recognized as valid, the receiver causes the activation of the corresponding output relay (the contact closes). The relay will deactivate as soon as the transmitter stops sending the radio signal.


Installing accessories like keypads and photocells using ECSbus is super easy. ECSbus technology allows devices to be connected using a single “bus” cable using colour-coded connectors (each accessory has its own colour). Just plug it in an away you go. Read more in the Installation Manual. 

Voltage  (VAC)  24


Receiver, 2 Channel for Mhouse GTX4 Remote & DS1 Wireless Keypad, 24V

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